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Our Belief:
Life is better in the outdoors, is the Rivers and Ridges motto; we are constantly excavating new ideas for adventure, education and entertainment for our customers. At Rivers and Ridges we like to keep wildlife wild, we try our best to create awareness for wildlife and protection of our forests.

Our Mission:
To promote outdoors sports its purest and natural form. We incisively focus on activities that give you that exhilarating sense of achievement. We train you with survival skills and educate you about the wildlife and its importance in the ecosystem. We want to give our customers an experience to cherish for an entire lifetime. The second fold of our mission is to encourage two specific societies in India.

1. The unspoken workforce of rural India
2. The local artistic talents (musical and theatrical)

Who we are:
Our name ‘Rivers and Ridges’ name is derived from the famous song by John Denver – ‘Country roads’ that goes…

"Almost heaven, West Virginia,
Blue Ridge Mountain, Shenandoah River,
Life is old there, older than the trees,
Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze"
-- Country Roads by John Denver.

Besides the song trivia our life revolves around mountain ridges, valleys, rivers, meadows and lakes. We take outdoors very seriously, we love to boast about our love for wildlife and more than anything else we believe adventure is all about-facing the unknown, unusual and the unexpected. If you are still reading this, then we would like you to be a part of our endeavors.

Rohan Rohan
He is the Business Head, the lead policy maker and enforcer for Rivers and Ridges. A Marketing and Advertising professional, having worked with MTV Networks in New York City and AT & T in Atlanta, Rohan is focussed on making each outdoor experience a memorable one. He ensures that our outfit is always on minds of people such that when they think of adventure, recreation sports, camping, outdoors or just any other thrill activity in the world, we are there to offer you with the best choices.
His job is to make sure that all our customers are satisfied with their outdoor experience and our events are action packed. He also promotes the specific activities that educate you about your surroundings and leads our organization by keeping our mission and policies in mind. Inherited with the skills of survivalist he spends his free time exploring jungles and loves deep sea diving.

Rohan Mitali
Someone with diverse interests ranging from the performing arts to teaching Biochemistry and English in college, Mitali has a passionate love for plants and animals. Currently a college lecturer and English trainer, she is also a full-time animal caretaker and occasional dancer. She also moonlights as a copy-editor and ghost-writer.
One of Mitali's deepest desires is to inculcate a love for all fauna - whether decorative or wild - as well as a tolerance for domestic and wild animals, in the community at large.
Our innovative team comprises of extreme outdoor enthusiasts, wildlife conservationists, naturalists, sportsman, farmers and of-course musicians.